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ViceVersa Pro

ViceVersa Pro is a powerful and complex file syncing and backup tool
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ViceVersa Pro is a powerful tool that lets you compare, synchronize, replicate and backup files and folders with ease. It works with local folders but also with multiple computers over LAN, WAN or VPN networks, and with any type of storage media device including external hard disks, Zip disks, USB flash drives, and so on.

One of the most important advantages of using this tool is its intuitive interface as it offers a side-by-side view, letting you easily open, copy and delete files or notice the differences between the two selected folders. ViceVersa Pro is a complex application that allows you to create and automate backup or synchronization jobs which you can thoroughly customize, as a large variety of settings and options are put at your disposal. File mirroring is also possible. ViceVersa Pro is a reliable tool, mainly thanks to the fact that it provides accurate file comparison based on CRC checksum calculation or on the size and timestamps of the files.

I like a lot the many possibilities offered by this truly feature-rich program. It can also archive files, compress and encrypt them, perform file versioning, and more. ViceVersa Pro is powerful enough to be suitable for professional backup and synchronization jobs that involve intricate procedures and large amounts of data, as well as intuitive enough to be compatible with the demands of casual users which are usually interested in simplicity and straightforwardness. I can only recommend it with all my heart as well.

Margie Smeer
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  • Accurate file comparison based on CRC checksums or on file timestamps and sizes.
  • Can also archive, compress and encrypt files.
  • A time synchronization tool that synchronizes your computer clock with atomic time servers over the Internet


  • Could use some interface "wizards" to help setting up complete synchronization/backup jobs
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